The Definition of Sport….

The definition of sport is an activity that involves skills, commitment, dedication, determination, and most importantly the rules and regulations, in which it can be defined by objective means. On the other hand, it can also be considered as ‘fair play’. Some other activities are based on MENTAL WELLBEING, for example like a round of poker game or chess game. These sport games can be involving facing social interaction, other than that these activity sometimes can be very competitive.

Some sports are based on PHYSICAL EXERTION such as running in a marathon, swimming, bowling, or even a home run in a game of baseball and so much more. For example, an individual has to have skills to be professional in a sport that  they are willing to be determinate about. Some might prefer waterskiing, fishing, jogging are considered as recreational sport. Because it doesn’t use much mental physical involvement and less competitive.

Some sports are more over the edge, it is considered as EXTREME SPORT for example bungee jumping, BMX, skate boarding, roller bladding, rock-climbing and motorized sports. These activities can actually involved in determination, abilities, mostly on mental and physical exertion. Some of these activities might be quiet dangerous but many people are willing to take their sporting experience to the next level. Sometimes sports may even brings out violence and riot to the coaches and the fellow participants that are cause by crossing the line or not having a fair game.

Sports can also be considered as PHYSICAL ART. Sports have many affinities in art, such as figure skating, artistic gymnastic, and Tai Chi are commonly known as artistic spectacles. a good example is Bull fighting that is popular in Spain, many believe that a man would risk his life to fight with a bull. Is considered brave and strong and it is also belive that it is a tradition sport.

Being healthy is also one of the good benefits in the definition of sport. Both youth and elderly can have a healthy lifestyle if they are dedicated or enjoy themselves in attending some outdoor activity. Being active and outgoing can give teenagers a chance for sport scholarship and less risk in drug addiction. There are many suitable sports for the elderly such as Tai Chi and yoga.

As for myself, the sport that I am interested in is Equestrianism. Because myself, I am into the passion of animals especially horses since I was only a girl. Being in this activity you have to be committed and have the skill for training a horse. And most importantly is patience, because it takes a lot of time to let them know you. The horse have to be loyal and trust their owner. So, it is really a difficult challenge for me if I have the chance to be in this kind of sport.