Famous Inventors

The famous inventor that I have chosen is, John Logie Baird. He is the first  creator or inventor of  people’s entertainment until today. He had discovered and invented television. John Logie Baird (August 13, 1888-June 14, 1946) was a Scottish engineer, who is best well-known as the inventor of the first working television system. Baird was born in Helensburgh,  Argyll, Scotland. Baird was educated at Larchfield school but now it is known as Lomom school in Helensburgh, and also carries on his studies at Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College, now is named the University of Strathclyde. He also furthered his studies in the University of Glasgow. Unfortunately, during his degree course. It was interrupted by World War One, and he didn’t graduate.

John Logie Baird

The Foremost pioneer, producing television images.

In his first television attempts, Baird experimented with Nipkow disc and demonstrated that a semi mechanical analogue television system was possible for transmitting static image of a ventriloquist’s dummy in London in Februay 1924. This early system highly fragile image that was difficult to view and transmitted only in shades of brown. On October 30, 1925 it became famous and was the first moving image transmitting a grainy image of a ventriloquist dummy’s head. Baird soon demonstrate transmitting an image of a boy who he had paid for taking part of the experiments to a crowd of onlookers. Although the experiments had been experimenting by others including Baird, Paul Gottleib Nipkow and Boris Rosing. But Baird was the first person who ever succeeded in this experiment. He was generally credited for the first person to produce recognizable television image, and continues advancing other experiments in the field.

Soon, in East sussex, Hasting, UK. Claims to be “Birthplace of Television” as it was there he lives for health reasons while spending his time discovering more experiments. From December 1944 until his death in 1946, Baird had been living in Station Road, Bexhill On Sea. Had been currently named “Baird Court”. Rother District Council gave permission to the property to be demolished for the used of construction sites in 2006.

In 1925, London. Baird demonstrated the first moving silhouette images in the Selfridges department store. The  first true television system was demonstrated in the Royal Institution in January 26, 1926 in the Soho district of London. On October 30, 1925, Baird had been successful in transmitting his first true television picture in the laboratory. But he was mocked by public after introducing his invention.

John Logie Baird with his "televisor", circa 1925

In 1927, Baird transmitted a long-distance television signal over 438 miles of telephone line between London and Glasgow. He then set up the Baird Television Development Company Ltd, which in 1928 made the first transatlantic television transmission from London to Hartsdale, New York and also made the first television programme for the BBC. He televised the first live transmission of the Epsom Derby in 1931.

Though Baird is often given credit for ‘inventing’ television, neither himself had ever claimed this. As his early experiments were all with mechanical systems. High definition electronic television as we know it was not invented by any one person, but through the efforts of many. Baird continues developing numerous demonstration in his particular talent.

But in 1946, Baird died in Bexhill On Sea, Sussex, England. After suffering a stroke in February of that year. Due to his success, there is a working model of John Logie Baird, televisor. In London Science Museum. In  honor for the  inventor.

John Logie Baird


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