Swimming with Dolphins

Dolphins are marine mammals that is closely related to whales and porpoises. There are almost 40 species of dolphins in the world. Dolphins are found world-wide, mostly in shallow seas. Dolphins are carnivores mostly eating fish and squids. Dolphins are among the most intelligent animals, and their friendly appearance and seemingly playful attitude have made them popular among human beings.

Kids having fun with Dolphins

The popularity in swimming with dolphins are increasing greatly over the years, due to satisfaction and learning of human beings experience while swimming with dolphins. It has been told that this activity can help treat depression in human.

Some of the dolphins are kept in Dolphinarium. A  dolphinarium is anaquarium for dolphins, the dolphins are usually kept in large pool or kept in pens of the sea either for research or public performance. Others are part in larger area such as marine mammal parks, zoo and theme parks for attractions.

There are many activity that involves with dolphins, such as snorkeling, introductory dive, guide dives with dolphins, and activities for disabilities. Activity for disability people can give everyone the chance to interact with dolphins that includes people who doesn’t have the ability to do physical activities like normal people do. Some people even attend diving courses so that they could join the dolphins for a swim. Diving or snorkeling with dolphins is also a challenging way to overcome your fear for water and it can also test your confident.

A young child being kissed by a Dolphin

Everyone has to wear a mask, snorkel, fins, and wet suit to be in this activity. It is really important for us to wear these equipment because it’s easy for us to breath under water. People with heart problems, ear problems or respiratory problems have to take cautions for their own safety.

Some activity for swimming with dolphins are quite unique by their names, for exampleswirl, kiss, hug, foot push, jump, dance and not to forget singing. There are three places that human can swim with dolphins such as ponds, natural demarcated area and the sea. The natural demarcated area are places that is located to the sea that shares the pure sea water and sea beds. Some dolphinarium have activity that includes certain points for wild dolphins to accustomed to getting food. Some researchers are against the program because they are worried it can change their eating habits.

But there are also some risk for both humans and dolphins that should be aware in dolphinariums for all times, the risk associated ed injury in human beings, stress and death for dolphins.

A close-up look, swimming with Dolphins


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