Marley & Me Movie Review

Last week I watched such a loving and touching movie of a happy-go-lucky Golden Retriever puppy in the movie Marley & Me. I enjoyed watching the movie because I adore dogs and I love touching stories.

The part of the puppy is played by a Golden Retriever named Marley and was adopted by John( Owen Wilson ) and Jenny( Jennifer Aniston ). There’s a lot of funny, a lot of goofy by the film,s four-legged star, and definitely will bring everyone a good laugh. But Marley & Me also packs an emotional wallop. The story is written by John Grogan from his experiences with his dog Marley. The commercials and trailer give no indication of just how hard Marley & Me is going to hit animal lovers of all ages. It really gave me a surprise.

Marley & Me may not work for people who does not succumbed to the charms of dogs, but for anyone who had ever have a canine companion this movie is for you. Marley & Me is sweet, touching, and has a lot of heart. Not only from the adorable puppy but also a great performance from Owen and Jennifer as the co-star of Marley & Me, giving a more realistic look at a married life. 

Marley & Me grabs you from the opening moments and never let’s go. Marley & Me is a real tear-jerker. I believe that you would have a heart of stone not to fall in love with the beautiful story.


My Best Friend

My best friend Sophia and I have many similarities and also differences in many ways, but the most important thing that we have in common is our personality. We love shopping and hanging out together. Whenever we have the mood for shopping, both of us always can count on each other for hanging out together. We always stick to each other and look out for each other. Our friendship shows that a real great friend is the person who won’t leave you behind and stays faithful.

The differences between me and Sophia are significant due to our educational background. Sophia is a student in hospitality management and I’m now enrolled in the English studies, but that doesn’t stop us from having close friendship with each other. Sophia always takes care of me. Sometimes, she would help me in my homework. Sophia and me have different point of view of our future and she’s also a social person, she makes friends easily. Sophia is more an outgoing person, so that she can make close friends with guys. I’m the one that always have the hard time talking or starting a conversation with guys.

What really make us bond is Sophia and I both likes having fun and enjoy everyday life. What we enjoy most together is talking about stupid jokes when we got nothing to do. And she is the first person that I am never afraid to open up when asking for advice or when I’m feeling down, she’s a great listener and is always there when I need a shoulder to cry on. We both share our secrets with each other. And the most interesting thing that we have in common is, both of us is good in cooking!


Although we are quite different in many ways and similar in many ways too, Sophia and i have become real close friends since I moved here, and both of us have a harmonious friendship. Everytime we get together, we always have a so much funny and happy things to talk about and always have a blast. Both of us support each other on whatever we do, at the end of the day we still stick together untill the end. A good friend is hard to come by, harder to leave, and impossible to do without. So I am truly lucky to have a friend like Sophia.