Type of friends

The best thing in life is having friends. Friends are more than giving us companionship, they also gives us happiness such as a decoration in our life. You would meet several types of friends in our everyday life. Such as, ” The Best Friend “, ” The Online Friend “, and also ” The Business Important Friend “.

The best friend also known as the closest friends in life. Is someone who you rather spend hours talking on the phone or hanging out together for te whole day and still never gets bored. Best friends are those who shares everything with you and is someone who brings out the best in you. Best friends usually ends up being your maid of honour or best man. So having best friends will make you feel happy to be alive.

The online friend or pronounce as Cyber friend is someone who you known from the internet or chatting room. Sometimes having online friends have their advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is very common. Such as, using fake names and fake photos on their chat box. But sometimes meeting online friends can let you pour out your feelings even though you can never see them or meet them. But it’s better than keeping all the bad news to yourselves. Meeting online friends can be precious in life and can also boost up your day when you are online again.

 The business important friend as known as business partner is someone who you rely or engaged when doing business, event or an organization. Getting to know business partners, you always have to be polite in every situation. The business important friend is someone whom is very important in life. Because when there is a business going on, we can always count on them.

A true friend never leaves you behind or abuse you, but we all must have our eyes wide open when choosing friends. There are many types of friends in the every culture and races. It’s great to have all these friends in life. Friendship is something that everyone can share.


Personal Experience

The last few days I took a giant step and finally moved to a new room in my hostel. I had been sharing a  4-sharing hostel room for three months with another student I’ve just known when moving in there. In the beginning, I quiet enjoy staying with the new roommate I’m with in the room. But as time flies, my roommate starts to get on my nerve.

After few months living with her, she began to act immature and irresponsible. I’m the one that always ends up cleaning the dishes and have to do all the cleaning in the room, while all she did was hanging out with her friends and going out having fun. She always return to the hostel back at late night and I have to wait up for her for opening the door because she always forget to bring her keys out with her!

Everytime I tried to start a conversation with her, she doesn’t like to listen but instead of listening to me she starts an argument with me. That is the reason I have been so stress out for the few months. One thing that make me angry the most is that I have to listen to her techno music every night while sleeping. Until the very next day I’ll have a serious headache. Sometimes, I can’t concentrate on my studies because of her screaming and yelling on the phone with her boyfriend.

My roommate complains about everything in life, she complains on her friends, her personal things, and also she complains about me for nothing! That is the last draw for me when she told me in the face that I had steal all the people’s attention away from her. After the argument, I decided to move to a new room a soon as possible.

Now that I have moved into a new room I feel more relaxed and comfortable, the new roommates are friendly and they are more concern on other people’s privacy. Looking back, I definitely think that I have made a right decision. I feel really happy and good about moving to a new room. But sometimes I still feel a little lonely because we are still getting along with each other. But for the most part, I finally feel free.