Type of friends

The best thing in life is having friends. Friends are more than giving us companionship, they also gives us happiness such as a decoration in our life. You would meet several types of friends in our everyday life. Such as, ” The Best Friend “, ” The Online Friend “, and also ” The Business Important Friend “.

The best friend also known as the closest friends in life. Is someone who you rather spend hours talking on the phone or hanging out together for te whole day and still never gets bored. Best friends are those who shares everything with you and is someone who brings out the best in you. Best friends usually ends up being your maid of honour or best man. So having best friends will make you feel happy to be alive.

The online friend or pronounce as Cyber friend is someone who you known from the internet or chatting room. Sometimes having online friends have their advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is very common. Such as, using fake names and fake photos on their chat box. But sometimes meeting online friends can let you pour out your feelings even though you can never see them or meet them. But it’s better than keeping all the bad news to yourselves. Meeting online friends can be precious in life and can also boost up your day when you are online again.

 The business important friend as known as business partner is someone who you rely or engaged when doing business, event or an organization. Getting to know business partners, you always have to be polite in every situation. The business important friend is someone whom is very important in life. Because when there is a business going on, we can always count on them.

A true friend never leaves you behind or abuse you, but we all must have our eyes wide open when choosing friends. There are many types of friends in the every culture and races. It’s great to have all these friends in life. Friendship is something that everyone can share.


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